EsyPos EPS103 Laser Barcode Scanner Black (Wireless, 1D, Handheld)


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  • Esypos EPS103 Laser Handheld 1D Wireless
  • Color: Black
  • With Removable Cable

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EsyPos EPS103 Laser Barcode Scanner Black (Wireless, 1D, Handheld)

Product Features

  • Consistent, fast and accurate

    esypos EPS103BT CCD barcode scanner can fast and accurately read dirty barcode, damaged barcode plicated barcode, applies to different applications.

  • Support barcodes on various materials

    esypos CCD barcode scanner ( Linear Image scanner), not only can read the 1D barcodes on printed paper, but 1D barcodes on mobile phone and computer displays, silver paper with reflective material, and barcode surface with water and ice.

  • Using 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology

    esypos  EPS103BT 2.4G barcode scanner supports 10 meters wireless transmission, has memory of 500pcs 13 bytes barcodes, real time and inventory different modes to meet the needs of different applications. 2.0 version 30 meters long distance and big memory of 500pcs 13 bytes barcode’s 2.4G barcode scanners are coming soon.

  • Superior decoding performance

    esypos  EPS103BT barcode scanner can reach 350+50 scans per second, fast and accurate, decoding error rate is 1/5,000,0000. Low decoding error rate can help to improve your working efficiency.

  • Perfect process design and ultimate experience

    esypos EPS103BT uses imported ABS material, high quality rubber is a good buffer against impact. Nice design makes it different and popular. It applies to cashier for mobile payment and Logistics & Express.

  • Long life span

    Shockproof and Anti-broken
    esypos  EPS103BT barcode scanner, after 1.2 drop onto concrete surface floor, still works well.
    Famous brand C&k button
    esypos barcode scanner uses world famous brand C&k trigger button, even after 1500,000 times trigger, it still works normally.

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